Thursday, 28 November 2013

[Love] Packaging Love

When my packages go out to my clients direct from the studio, I like to know that thought have gone in to them being collected. Afterall isn't it nice when you get something that you feel is almost like a gift too?! So for 2014, we will be trying to make YOU feel even extra special.

Showing our USB Packaging, our Branded USB Sticks and Box, the Print License for your images, and then the bag it comes in with your name on the tag.

I personally am a sucker for going into shops and love the packaging that goes into it. Especially when its a boutique shop, sometimes it feels like there is more care for you than shopping on the high street when your items are just plocked in a bag with your receipt.

Above is the packaging for some of our larger products. The Canvas itself is a 20x16 Canvas which fits beautifully in our white bags. We are currently on the lookout for packaging to fit even BIGGER products...

Our prints are lovingly wrapped in our Blue Tissue Paper for protection before being placed in one of our card print folders and specially wrapped ready for collection. Perfect for sizes up to 12x8

We hope you love our packaging as much as we do!

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