Friday, 14 October 2011

{Real Wedding} Mr & Mrs Scagill {Thornes Park Wakefield}

Caroline and Duncan celebrated their Marraige with family and friends in a marquee behind Holmefield Arms, Wakefield.
It was a fantastic Evening and the first time I had photographed in a marquee.

I first met Caroline and Duncan when I photographed the {Real Wedding} Mr & Mrs Durham, where Caroline was one of the Bridesmaids.

Duncan and Caroline got married in Santorini, and the photographs from there were beauitful.

Holmefield Arms, has an adjoining Premier Inn in Wakefield Central, which is where everyone was staying. I had a slight problem when I arrived as the Receptionists wouldnt tell me which Room the Bride was staying in (as I could be anyone, wearing a Blue Lights Photography T-Shirt and Aimed with Cameras!) but luckily I had Duncan's number with me and he told me where she was.

Their Gorgeous little girl Danica (named after Female American Racing Driver) had come with them when they came to see me and book. I knew that to make Danica my friend, that I should have plenty of Haribo in tow! It worked.

I think to get her out of bed, dressed, hair done, photographs taken and shoes on took about 5 small bags of Haribo!

THIS shoe shot was how I had set my mind on to get it. I photograph studio work, but no.
Use a window, white windowsill, and shoot on Manual to get the desired effect!

Plain white wall, light from the Window, and bridal portraits done!

The Cake and Marquee looked Amazing.
Dressed out in Purple, Pink and Dark Pink theme.
Colours I wouldnt have thought about putting together. But just looked Amazing!

Everyone was in such a great party mood, and the atomosphere was amazing!

The speeches came, to pave the way into the party. Lots of laughs and embarrasing stories from the Father of the Bride, and then the Groom....

In the Grooms speech he told how they met, when he actually gave her a Job, and I'm pretty sure he wanted to get to know her better. And self confessed, he gave her the most horrible shift to work. But she worked it nonetheless.

He went on to tell us about the Christmas Parties that he never went to, and evenutally thats where Caroline got him. His speech contained little stories, quoting song lyrics the lot!

One of the things that she had said to him was along the lines of "So are you going to kiss me yet?"
And that is how he finished his speech, she ran over to him to give him a big Kiss! It was gorgeous!

This was the first time I had also ever shot the first dance without flash!
Amazing...why cant all weddings be this light!

The First Dance, the Food then the Party went on!
Congratulations Guys, it was a pleasure!

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