Sunday, 30 October 2011

{Real Wedding} Mr & Mrs Poole, The Grove, Pontefract.

I got in touch with Alex and James, after Chris Chambers Photography had posted on facebook that he was unavailable for this date, but was there any photographers available. I messaged Alex, and we arranged to meet up where I met James, the groom to be, and their two little lovelies, Callum and Alfie.

After a few meetings, and a pre-wedding photoshoot, we were set to go. The Wedding day arrived and Hannah from Lifeline Photography who was photograph both weddings with me that Weekend. She's a good Egg.

We arrived at Alex's house with the Callum and Alfie still there, and two out of the three bridesmaids, the Make-Up Artist who did Donna's hair and makeup from Donna and Carl's Wedding last year, and see remembered me too!

The Bride wore Flip-Flops, and why not! She didnt want to be taller than the Groom.
The Chief Bridesmaids flowers had the "L" on for the little girl she had lost.
The flowers were taken to the graveyard the next day.

The Cake was from Melanies Cakes at Cudworth!

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