Monday, 26 December 2016

Wedding: Making the Most of Visiting Wedding Fayres

Some Wedding Fayres are bigger than others but with the first big I Do Wedding Exhibition happening in Doncaster on Sunday 12th March 10am to 4:30pm then here's how you can make the most out of the Wedding exhibitions that you do visit.

Have some idea of what you want for your Wedding
Having some type of vision you want for you Wedding will help narrow down your vision better. Do you want glitter and glam, or vintage chic. Do you want naturals and Hessian, or all sequins! 

Make a List
Whether you are on the beginning of your Wedding planning, or you are just going for the final bits. Make a list of what people you want to go and see before you actual go. Sometimes you can find a vendor list of all exhibitors online to make your job a little easier. I DO Leeds Exhibitor List is here:

Get organised
Now depending on the type of person and how organised you are on a general basis will depend on how organised you want to get for the Wedding Exhibitions but the best thing to do is make sure you are organised as it will make your job a lot easier Here are some ideas for you!
1. Set up a specific Wedding Email address to give out to vendors for competitions and information - but make sure you will check it!
2. Print sticky labels with your contact details on (get them on ebay pre-done for you!) things to include such as your name and partners name, date and venue if you have it, email address and phone number and even your address as some people prefer to contact via traditional post!
3. Bring your own tote bags, and secretly have a "Yes / Interested" and a "No" bag that way when you take details from everyone you'll have your own filing system and it'll make it easier to book appointments with the people you love.

Set a Budget
If you have a rough overall budget then set smaller budgets for your venue, photographer, cake, dress and details. This will make it easier for you when you are then looking at suppliers to see whether or not that fit into your budget. Love a supplier who's a little out of your budget. See if they have a special deal if you book on the day. Alternatively follow them on social media and their email list and you may find that they send out special offers or details of the next event they are at.

Take Notes
Take a notebook with you to take notes on any exhibitors who stand out to you. Whether it's something they said, a bit of advice they gave or prices you want to make a note of.

Offers & Leaflets
Try and pick up offers and leaflets of different suppliers. Enter the competitions as you never know if you may win! Not only that, keep hold of the leaflets of people you like (if there is more than one person) until you know you are definitely not going to use them. You ever know when something may go wrong and you need to find another supplier that you loved!

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