Sunday, 25 December 2016

Was your little one "scared" of Santa?

Last night I was reading a few different status and in a couple of groups that I am in, that once the excitement of presents had died down and bedtime loomed another feeling came in to play for some children. Anxiety. 

Whilst some children find Santa scary-looking this to my surprise was something completely different.
Children were suffering bedtime anxiety about Santa visiting. Because there would be a strange person coming into their homes whilst they were asleep. The children that seemed to be suffering more with this anxiety about Santa were around the ages of 5-7.
And do we have ourselves to blame? 

We warn children a lot about stranger-danger, not talking to strangers, not letting people you don't know into your homes, keeping doors locked but then once a year it is ok to think that some man can come and bring presents and come into our homes whilst we are all asleep?
I know different families tell people different things about Santa too - so how have you found your children this Christmas? How did you deal with bedtime anxiety if there were any in your house? Is your little one still small enough to wonder in the magic of Christmas and not worry about the logical side of it? 

I've love to hear your comments!

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