Friday, 30 December 2016

Newborns: 2016 A Year of Squishy Babies

Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together make this world a beautiful garden. (unknown)

2016 has seen lots of wonderful new babies at Blue Lights Photography. I truly do love my job and that so many people allow me to snuggle their babies and create the lasting memories of them being so super tiny.

2016 has seen me photograph 49 beautiful babies. 22 Girls, and 27 Boys.

I have photographed 19 Girl Sessions on their own and 26 Boy Sessions. I had one set of Twin Girls, and one Boy-Girl Twins.

The most popular girls name has been Ella, where I've had 3 baby girls called this - but as for baby boys, the top 3 popular names had 2 of each and these were Elliott, George and Noah.

The most popular busy months were March & September. I would advise if you are expecting a baby in one of these months to book in before your baby arrives. 

You can make a solid booking for your newborn session from your 20 Week Scan. We take provisional bookings from your 12-Week Scan and we book you in via your due date - and then when baby arrives we get a confirmed session date in your diary

To find out more then you can head over to the website - or visit our facebook page.

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