Sunday, 3 August 2014

[Wedding] A Perfect Match: A beautiful Church Wedding and a trip to Kenwood Hall

On Saturday 2nd August, I got to spend the day at the beautiful Wedding of Nicky & Andy.

I arrived at Nicky's dad's house to capture the details and Nicky getting ready to go to the church.

Nicky wore a stunning lace dress with a bouquet of red Roses, whilst wearing her grandma's engagement ring (pictured) as her something old. She also wore a bracelet borrowed from her sister.

When Nicky & her dad arrived at Church the heavens had opened, and they had to stay inside the car until the rain had calmed down a little bit. After all we couldn't get Nicky wet, no matter how close she was to the church steps. However, no amount of rain could dampen her smile, as she was full of excitement to go and meet her groom.

Nicky was given away by her dad, and her two sisters were bridesmaids.

And the reaction of Andy when he saw his bride was absolutely priceless! 

The Ceremony took place at St Johns Church, Ranmoor. An absolutely beautifully breathtaking church, which is very picturesque, and seems like a small Cathedral.

The sun was shining as the newly-weds headed out of the church, before we started with a bit more drizzle again. Much to the theme of the day, very light showers throughout the day - completely different to the heavy rain all day that was forecast.

When we arrived at Kenwood Hall for the reception, I let the Bride & Groom do some mingling with their guests before we started on group shots - and of course, the shots of them as a couple.

These two never stopped grinning all day! I am sure they will still be the same for at least the next six months, if not longer!

After the photographs everyone headed inside to the restaurant for the Wedding Breakfast. Each table had books and paper roses, and were named after books, on a penguin books theme. Even down to the banners and the table plan, which I will share some photographs later.

I love the top two photographs of Nicky, it is when she found out where they were going on honeymoon after Andy had managed to keep it a complete surprise for about 6 months! 

Congratulations Andy & Nicky - a Perfect Match!
Thank you for allowing me to share your special day.

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