Saturday, 23 August 2014

[Wedding] A Family Affair at Northorpe Hall, Helen & James

Friday saw the Wedding of James & Helen. I first met James and Helen at Laura & Graham's Wedding last year, and this was now the 3rd Wedding that Graham at been at - including Lois and Matt's - it was lovely to continue seeing people from weddings previously.

As everything was happening quite local to each other, it meant I could do 1 Hour with Helen & the girls, then 1 Hour with James and the boys - and then go back to Helen & the girls for the final preperations.

James & Helen's son, Issac who is 5, was the Best Man, and he had the job of making sure all the boys were well behaved. And he did a fabulous job!

When I got back to the girls, after making sure all the boys were dressed properly with handkerchiefs and flowers, then the last preperations were taking place. But it was still all very calm, until the last 5-10 minutes as normal!

Helen & James were married at St Paul's in Birkenshaw which is a beautiful church! 

The new Mr & Mrs had bubbles and confetti!

After the ceremony, we all headed to Northorpe Hall in Mirfield, for the reception, meal and photographs - absolutely beautiful location.

The Wedding Car was a beautiful VW Camper, called Dylan!

Just look how in love Helen & James are - beautiful!

Thank you Helen, James & the boys, for allowing me to share their special day.

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