Monday, 21 July 2014

[Wedding] A Rainy Day for a football divided Wedding, Holiday Inn Barnsley

Zoe & Tive got married this weekend, with thunderstorms, rain and a broken foot to boot! Luckily Tive had broken his foot before the Wedding, and not a trip to A&E on the actual day.

Tive is a Barnsley Fan, whereas Zoe is a Sheffield Wednesday Fan - so it is always a good laugh with them, especially where football is concerned.

I started with Zoe, at her parents home where Hair and Makeup took place, and Zoe also got ready before going to Church for the Wedding Ceremony.

When I arrived at the Church, Tive, his Best Men (there were two) and the ushers were waiting for the Bride to arrive.

The ceremony was lovely, it was a beautiful ceremony, with two hymns, and plenty of laughter, and tears.

Luckily, after the ceremony, the rain had stopped so we were able to get some certain shots outside within the church grounds before the rain started again. Who would have thought it would rain so much in July!?

When we all arrived to Holiday Inn Barnsley (formally Brooklands Hotel) it was still raining, however we managed to get a shot with the gorgeous bridal car.

The cake, which had been made by one of Zoe's Bridesmaids, also featured the couple's dog Scooby! I had the pleasure of meeting Scooby at the couple's Pre-Shoot.

Before dinner, we had no choice as the rain poured down to take some couple shots inside, with the plan that as soon as it was dry after dinner we would run back outside to get some more! On days like these, we just have to play it by ear.

Speeches after Dinner had people in tears, and laughter in equal measure, and were delivered by Zoe's Dad, Tive and the two Best Men!

As soon as the speeches were over we managed to run outside for some more photographs whilst it was dry, we finally got to go into the Secret Garden, as well as my little Secret Spot at Holiday Inn Barnsley.

We managed to get Zoe & her Bridesmaids, and Tive and his "football lads" with the sunglasses before the heavens opened again. Infact, as the sunglasses were on it was just slightly starting to rain again. We had just got inside before the thunder started rumbling - and the rain started coming down again.

No matter what the weather did, everyone had a lovely and wonderful day.
And Zoe & Tive became Mr & Mrs - and that is what matters!

And this was Wedding 125 for Blue Lights Photography! 

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