Friday, 18 April 2014

[Studio] Sibling Love, Lila & Buddy, Studio Photographer Barnsley

I have to show you these two gorgeous cuties who came into the studio last month for their session.
I was origionally meant to photograph these two when Buddy was a newborn, but sometimes things get in the way so they came to mark when Buddy turned 3 months.

First we started with lovely Lila, whilst Buddy was getting ready.

I just let Lila get on with things on her own - she was a little shy, and a little unsure about the photography experience.

Just look at that cute little face! And then, the cute little face of gorgeous little Buddy, who was FULL of smiles! 

After Buddy had some photographs taken, we did some of both Lila & Buddy together, you can totally see the sibling love between them - and the big portrait picture of them Mummy had as a big gorgeous Canvas! 

How cute does Buddy look in this ADORABLE little baby grow! :)

Both of them are such cutie pies!! After a newborn session 3 months is the PERFECT next age to get some photographs taken! 

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