Tuesday, 14 January 2014

[Men] A Month to go - Buying an Engagement Ring!

Well Guys, if you are planning on proposing to your girlfriend for Valentines day then maybe this guide will help you choosing the right ring to make your lady's heart jump and go YES!

I used to work in a Jewellers before I was a photographer, and loved helping people guys who came into the shop to find their perfect ring for their proposal! And I used to love hearing stories of how the proposal went if we needed to change the ring size.

How much are you wanting to spend on the ring? Many years ago it used to be 1-3 MONTHS wage, now some people say it is around 3-4 WEEKS wage. A lot mainly depends on where you want to purchase the ring from, the type of ring you want and how big a diamond you want! 
Available from Ernest Jones for £399 Solitaire

Do you know her ring size? Does she already wear rings? Does she ever take them off? There are many sneaky ways to find out what ring size she is. Next time she leaves her rings in the bathroom then why not slide it on to one of your fingers - and see where it fits - its only a rough idea  but better than just guessing! If not, does her mum know what you are planning? She will probably have a rough idea of her size or hands of similar size sometimes! 

If your lady already wears jewellery, is it white or yellow? This will help make a decision on what colour to buy the engagement ring, white gold, yellow gold or platinum (the most expensive). If she doesn't wear any jewellery at all - then what does she do as a job? White gold will need re-plating more often for people who work in nurseries, cleaning a lot, or hairdresser's and beauticians due to the chemicals used in their jobs.

Diamond (if you are going the traditional route) comes in several different shapes. The most popular is the Brilliant cut, or the Round one. The Square one (Princess cut) is also popular. However these are different ideas of what you could have.
Cluster ring available from Beaverbrooks £550

Carat (or points)
This is the diamond weight. You can get diamonds in either a single stone, or several little ones - you will generally find that several little stones is cheaper than purchasing a single stone of the same Carat weight.

Available from Argos £650

Make sure, that if for any reason if she doesn't like it or it is the wrong colour gold - that you can take it back and get a refund if necessary. Some shops only let you exhange!

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