Monday, 16 September 2013

[Baby] Worst Baby Names

I was reading The Bump  which if you haven't come across it is a wonderful site for baby information etc (It is from an american site) and they were talking about some of the Worst Baby Names! I know that no-one ever wants to think that they have chosen a horrible name for their child, but here is some of the ones that they have come up with.

1. Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence.

Otherwise, referred to by her parents as Luna. This is Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson's little girl. Their spokesman says that each name has a unique meaning to them both. So I wonder why they call her Luna?!

2. Sandy

Naming your child after a Hurricane that caused lots of destruction and deaths... And this isn't the first instance. There's a few Brooklyn's, New York's and not only that a baby Sandra who was born during that storm. Experts say that the rise in popularity of the names, is because they are heard more often than previous instances.

3.  Rocky

Sarah Michelle Gellar  & Freddie Prinxe Jr, named their little boy Rocky, but do you think its suitable for a little boy? Obviously we know its a suitable nickname for a boxer - but its the name of a few dogs we know too!

4. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney
In November, a mother in Kenya named her twin boys Barack Obama and Mitt Romney as a way to help her “remember the historic US elections for a long time, both the winner and the loser.” Historic baby names can be a great idea, but don’t you want your twins to have names that imply they're on the same team -- and that they're both winners?

5. Lion

Hawaii Five-0 actor Alex O’Loughlin recently named his son Lion, which isn't one of the more "normal" names to call a child - but isn't Lion O’Loughlin going to be hard enough for the poor child?

6. Blue Ivy
When Beyonce and Jay-Z announced their baby girl’s name, the Internet exploded with theories on where the name Blue Ivy came from. No one really knows for sure, and it seems like no one really gets it either. The pair also caused controversy when they tried to trademark the name, so no businesses (including an established Boston event planner) would be able to use it! They lost.

7. Halcyon
Crazy, Stupid, Love actress Beth Littleford named her baby girl Halcyon, which is her middle name and her grandmother’s name. We’re all for little-known names, but we feel kind of awkward pronouncing this one. The baby’s nickname, “Hallie”? That, we like.

8. Hashtag
This is probably the craziest of all the baby names we heard this year. Seriously, one very adorable baby girl was dubbed Hashtag Jameson in November, which totally tops last year's shocking social-media-inspired names: Facebook and Like.

What are the Worst Baby Names you've ever heard?

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