Tuesday, 24 September 2013

[Baby] Cake Smash Amelia

I first (tried) to photograph Amelia when she was a newborn. After she just screamed and almost hated her photograph being taken I wondered if she was going to be like her Mummy and Daddy who do not like their photographs taking (they were quite good at their wedding though!)

Amelia's Cake Smash was held the week after her Mummy and Daddy's wedding at my Barnsley Studio. And as normal - she was an absolutely and utter CUTIE!

The BEST thing about Cake Smash sessions - is that they are good fun - they are messy, and they create a good giggle. BUT it also means that I get all the mess which is the BEST thing about them - for YOU!

Amelia's Cake Smash Cake was covered in Yummy Strawberry frosting and it was super duper MESSY!

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