Tuesday, 2 April 2013

[Information] Copyright Free vs High Resolution Images

When I attend wedding fayres, or even online, I see and hear a lot of people asking if they get copyright of all the pictures on the disc.

The answer is no. No photographer gives copyright, but its one of those words that people understand. In theory - people who sell you “copyright free images” are generally miss selling to you.

Copyright, always stays with the photographer. This is because we are the artist’s of the work we produce - this is in camera, photo shop etc. This also means that we can use the images for promotional use, and on websites etc. 

When people get “Copyright free” it basically means, you have a license to reproduce, and print as many of the images as you like. You can make your own album, get them printed as big as you like. Some photographers also class this as “High Resolution images” and “Print Licensed images”. They are all the same thing.

The photographers that offer “copyright free” are really giving you high resolution images that you can go and print from. 

If a photographer was to give you “copyright free” images, by rights, you could sell them on for a profit - and you could even set up business using the images they have taken as your own work. I don’t really think this is what they mean by “copyright free” and I am very sure that they would challenge you on it if you did that!

So remember when comparing two photographers, and one is giving you “high resolution images” and one is giving “copyright free images” remember that they are both the same thing!

Other terms you may also come across:

Low Resolution: These images are unsuitable for printing, and are for online use only. Social Media such as face book, emails, personal blogs, and websites. These images will likely be watermarked from the photographer.
Facebook Images: As above. Low resolution, watermarked images for you to use online.

I hope that helps to clear a few things up when you are looking for your photographer! 

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