Sunday, 31 March 2013

[Discussion] Wedding Fayres: Should they be treated like a Wedding?

It seems silly writing this post whilst the sun is shining, but last week it was a different matter - the ground was covered in snow, and we didn’t know if and whether we were going to make it to any destination we planned to travel to.

Even this weekend, photographing a Wedding I was surprised to see just how much snow was still covering the hills in some of the higher parts of Barnsley - where as where I am, and the studio, it has virtually all gone.

But one of the questions that was brought up, was should suppliers treat Wedding Fayres like a Wedding?

I attended a Wedding fayre, where some of the stalls had cancelled. The venue was still open, the venue still had brides through the door - yet some people either cancelled the day before - or just didn’t turn up on the day.

Which led us to question, what if it had been a wedding and not a wedding fayre - would those business’ have made the effort, or just decided that it was too “dangerous” to turn up.

I cannot speak for the business’ but I checked constantly with the venue whether or not it was still open for the fayre, the car-park had been cleared, and the sun was shining, and the brides that arrived, weren’t disappointed in what they found with the suppliers that were there.

It is hard, it always is when we have adverse weather conditions, and they’re telling us to stay inside. On the wedding I photographed on 21st December I stayed over the night before - just incase It snowed, and incased I needed it.

Its just forward planning, and making sure that no-one is left feeling let down. Whether that’s a bride - or a bride to be.

If the venue had cancelled the Wedding Fayre, due to health and safety issues, then that’s different - (not that a venue would cancel a wedding) but as a supplier to just not turn up - to me - is a different way of thinking.

Would they have not turned up to a wedding? Eeek!


  1. I was due to attend a wedding fair but it snowed, heavily the night before. The fair was just over 30 miles from where Im based. On the morning of the fair my husband & I took the decision not to attend it as we live in a rural area, the roads were dangerous & the Police had advised people in our area to travel only if absolutely necessary. We had contacted friends in nearby villages to ascertain the state of the roads & told by all it was treacherous. I informed the organiser. My not being there was a disappointment on both my side & that of the organiser who went ahead with the fair. I was not prepared to put myself, my husband or my car at risk nor was I prepared to possibly put at risk the people who would've had to rescue us had something untoward happened. To date I've never let one single client, bride or other down as all my work can be sent via courier/post.

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