Monday, 22 April 2013

[Information] Remember to be a guest...

Sometimes, I have blog post idea’s pop into my head, and its ages before I get around to writing the actual posts. But whilst the computer is whirring and sorting some images, and I am feeling sorry for myself with tonsillitis, I thought I would share a few words, and feelings regarding a couple of posts which are going around.

It seems to have all started with this blog where some wedding couples are asking you to turn off your devices, leave your camera’s at home - and focus on being a Wedding Guest. This then led to this blog post  and I suppose now it leads to mine.

When I am a guest at a Wedding, I leave my “proper” camera at home. Always. Whether it’s a good friend, or family member - the camera is at home. I either take my point and shoot compact camera - mainly to take photographs of myself and friends I’ve not seen for ages. Or I use my phone. In fact, the last wedding I went to as a guest, I didn’t even take a picture of the bride and groom, and only came away with 3 pictures - and one of those was the cake!

But are too many guests turning photographer, and spoiling the couples day? Some brides think so, but interestingly enough the second article is from the Photographer point of view.

When I photograph Weddings I photograph using available light where necessary. Most vicars and registrars ask for flash not to be used during the ceremony - as this puts the couple off their vows, so with respect, I use available light, a decent camera and be able to follow the wishes.

But what happens, more so with both the bride walking in, and the bride and groom walking out - is that everyone wants to take photographs - and using flash - this can ruin many professional photographers photographs of the bride and groom.

These 3 shots were taken one after another (they are straight out of the camera)- and shot 2 could have been the most perfect shot, the bride’s father could have looked at her with such a knowing smile, a squeeze of the hand, or even a quick kiss on her cheek, he could have done anything - but it wouldn’t have mattered because a guests flash ruined the photograph.

I understand that guests want to take their own photographs, but sometimes I think that because we have an expensive camera, we can “Photoshop” them out of images, or especially for group shots - we can make everyone’s eyes and heads turn the same way in one shot - and unfortunately that really isn’t the case.

So the next time you are at a Wedding, and you are insistent on taking photographs - please wait until the professional have their photographs first. Please don’t interrupt the formal shots - or try and photograph over the photographers shoulder, and don’t get upset if the photographer asks you to kindly  move away. And more importantly - remember you are there to enjoy the day with your family and friends.

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