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{blp} The Size Guide - Choosing Your Photographs

Most of my customers will know that I don't do any pressure selling techniques when it comes to my portrait sessions.

I don't believe in the nature of being made to feel "if you don't choose and buy these now - we will delete them" however, a lot of people go for something smaller and some people cannot visualise something in their house at different sizes.

So when I purchased this handy little tool that allows me to show how big your images actually are it was perfect.

Most people have a fireplace in their house, or if not you know what a fireplace looks like - they normally are a standard size - perfect!

For Desks and mantel's I normally advise going for a 10x8 or at the smallest a 7x5. I do not do 6x4 as an extra inch really does make all the difference!

For Wall Products its about choosing something bigger, something to create a piece of art on your wall. Whether it is a frame you already have purchased and you are replacing the frame. Or something special. Here we look through the step-by-steps of different sizes.

This Photograph shows a 10x8 Print Only above a fireplace.
Did you realise how tiny it would look on the Wall, unless you have a group of them.

This Photograph shows a 20x16 Print above a fireplace.
This looks better - but be careful if buying your own frame - and if its a thin one.
This Photograph shows a 20x16 Print and Frame above the fireplace.

See the difference from the 10x8?
And Even from the Print Only.

All our Framed Photographs include a Mount and Frame...
For Example an 20x16 Print comes with a 20x24 Mount then frame moulding.

Difference in price £73.00
Next photoshoot? Could just buy the Picture and replace...

Again we show the difference and comparison between a 10x8 Framed Print and a 20x16 Framed Print for showing off one of your Amazing Wedding Photographs.

If you are unsure of how big a frame is going to be, we have all the different sizes on our Wall in the Studio, you can always come and look.
If all else fails, tell us what size YOU are thinking about and we will bring it to you to try it out for size!

Another thing we find is that customers sometimes are unsure whether to go for a Framed Print or for a Canvas.

With Framed Prints, getting the frame is key.
Will it fit in the room that you are looking for?
When did we last decorate?
Will we be decorating again soon?
You do not want to pay out for a lovely frame that will not fit in, in a few months time.

Our Canvas' come with a glistening coat, which means they can be wiped with a damp cloth.
Perfect if you want to put them in the kitchen, dining room, or even in the bathroom.

For Comparison.
The Top Image Shows a 20x30 Print and Frame
The Bottom shows a 30x40 Canvas.

Remember with portrait orientation images you have to be careful that there is enough room to your ceiling.

Have a Collection.
Have a space you want to fill and know you want some photographs...
Well there are different things you can do and we will always try and help and advise you of the best ones.

A Collection of Canvas' shown here 1 x 20x30 2 x 20x10

 A Collection of Frames shown here 1 x 20x24 Framed Print 3 x 7x5 Framed Prints

We are always happy to help.
We allow people to pay by weekly installments, or monthly.
You receive your items after you have paid.
We currently do not offer credit terms.

If you have any questions you can contact us on
01226 872 491

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