Sunday, 24 July 2011

{blp} Post Pregnancy - The Beautiful Truth

A few weeks after Amy had Alfie she came to me with an idea for the blog that she writes very truthfully in about being a new mum. From her breastfeeding issues to arguements and dealing with a baby with severe reflux. Its all there for everyone to read (and its wonderful).

Well she had an idea for a Blog and would need some photographs to go along with it. The Blog was to be titled. Pregnancy, Labour & Birth: The Ugly Beautiful Truth. The brief was for photographs that she wanted, to show the ugly beautiful side to post-pregnancy body, and what happens and the changes that your body makes and adjusts.

Now I know that Amy had come to me as we have gone through some of her changes before. From her having her boob-job whilst I have known her to her meeting her Hubby and now having her gorgeous Baby. Dealing with how her body has and was going to change was a massive thing for Amy. I've always known her as being this confident, never to be photographed wearing her glasses, always with a faceful of makeup and a skinny bitch.

She is one of these women that could happily eat a big fat macdonalds, and not gain weight. Yes I was friends with her, and I love her to bits. But sometimes especially those of us who just have to look at them to gain weight. It really isnt fair!

I knew she wanted a baby, and her blog really gives much more information on where she came to be and the struggles she has had to make and change to accept the changes that she has gone through to have her beautiful baby boy. Its well worth the read.

The shoot we did to accompany the blog, was really strange for me to shoot. Normally I get women coming in to the studio to "hide" the mummy bits. And this shoot was all about showing off the mummy bits. Changing the lighting to highlight stretchmarks and cellulite was a bit strange to begin with, and also showed the change between photographing it all to hiding it with clever poses and lighting.

These were the most honest and probably hardest photographs I've had to take, and a beautiful change!

Stretch Marks, Love Handles, Scars from Boob Job, and a Mummy Belly.

No Make up

With Make Up

Amy said it was weird to see herself with make up and without glasses - as from the person who was once never photographed with her glasses on its very rare for us to see her without them now.

Amy being her happy Mummy Self

Amy's Favourite Pair of Jeans....definate struggle to get into

Every Mummy can look gorgeous!

We also did a few photographs of how we would hide the "flaws" especially just underwear shots, as this is what most people want.

Because everyone deserves to feel beautiful...
None of these photographs have been airbrushed in any way.

If you are a new mum, be it your first or 5th read Amy's Blog.
If you're not a new mum - read it anyway.


  1. Amy you look STUNNING and I love your blog - Delly as ever, you are completely amazing xxx

  2. Wow! Amy is beautiful! And I think she looks better without make-up. I've got her lovely long blog-post bookmarked to read later with a cup of tea :) What a wonderful woman!


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