Saturday, 21 May 2011

{blp} A beautiful Thank you from the Bride's Daughter

I recieved an Email from Lucy a few days after her Mum's Wedding to say Thank you and asked if she minded if I shared it with you all - of course she didnt have a problem, and here it is.

Hi Adele,
I just wanted to thank you for all your support on Friday 29th April at my mums wedding as you were a fantastic support to us. You not only did a professional job with the photography but assisted us in preparing for the other arrangements on the day from the how to walk down the isle, to finding the first dance song. All of this was of course over an above what had been asked of you.
Many thanks


Lucy was in the room helping her mum get ready, who on the Royal Wedding had a dress similar in style to the new Duchess' - the Bride was told that her dress "wasnt in fashion" and would "struggle to find one" I bet they're not saying that now!

It was an aboslutely beautiful day, and I am so glad that Lucy took the time to message me, and I cannot wait to find out Pauline & Gary's reaction to their Wedding Photographs - here are a couple of sneak peeks!

The Wedding was held at Mount Pleasant Doncaster, on Friday April 29th in the afternoon.
A totally beautiful day.

I also loved Lucy's Dress! Which for anyone interested is available here

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