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Wedding Wednesday - Why Use a Make-up Artist

Today on Wedding Wednesday we have – Why you should use a Make-up Artist on your Wedding Day.
This Article is written by Katy, a Make-Up artist with over 14-years experience

Why use a Make-up Artist on your wedding day?

I’m sure that’s a question many brides-to-be have asked themselves. Or indeed, been asked by their fiancé/mother/mother-in-law?!

“You do your own make-up every day? Why get someone in to do what you already do yourself?”

I’m going to take you through all the factors of bridal make-up and explain the hows and whys.

I’ve done the make-up for more brides than I can count. Each one had an individually designed look. Some wanted dark smoky eyes, others wanted soft, barely there neutrals and everything imaginable in between. The one factor they all had in common? They all wanted to look their absolute best. The wedding day is the one day when looking perfect is imperative!

So you need to take into consideration these aspects;

Longevity- This make-up needs to last all day. And night!
You don’t want to be touching up your eyeshadow and re-concealing half way through the day. Good make-up artists have tricks a plenty up their sleeves when it comes to achieving that long stay finish. I always pay close attention to the skin and address any underlying issues before I even touch it with base! Then there’s setting the make-up without looking dry and powdery, stopping the eyes from creasing, liner from smudging.

Photography- Flash photography can have a huge effect on the make-up you wear.

It can change what looks like a natural make-up into a ‘nothing at all’ look! That smudge of kohl pencil and quick coat of mascara won’t stand up to the job. Without enough definition around the eyes, they’ll disappear (not literally, just photographically!). The art is having enough on so your features are defined but not so much that you feel over done. I have a technique where I press liner into the roots of the lash; this gives the right amount of depth just where it’s needed. Plus, it’s waterproof, of course!

When it comes to foundation, having a base on that doesn’t reflect well can lead to a washed out complexion. I’m a stickler for ensuring the skin looks as flawless as possible without even looking as though there is any make-up on. A make-up artist will have a variety of shades in his/her kit, that way, if you’ve had a spray tan or used a self tan at home, your face will match your body exactly. There’s nothing worse than your face looking like it’s stuck onto someone else’s body!

I painstakingly custom blend the foundation on the day to get the perfect shade and texture. Also, be very careful not to use light reflective products, unless they’re being used for clever highlighting and contouring, they can reflect back a white tone, especially around the eyes and can be spotted a mile off.

The look- We, as women, are super critical when we look in the mirror!

It’s hard for us to be objective when it comes to our own faces. That’s why we so often get stuck in make-up ruts. A make-up artist looks at you differently.

I look at my client and I see the beauty in her face. I see what I want to enhance and emphasise, as opposed to what I want to cover. This gives a fresh take on styles and colours that you may have never thought of. A good make-up artist will bear what you do every day in mind and create you a look that combines your own style with new ideas. The idea is not to make you look like someone else, just a more polished, perfect version of you! Don’t be afraid to show clippings from magazines of make-up that you’ve seen. Sometimes it’s easier to show than to describe. That’s what trials are for!

Time- Don’t underestimate how manic the morning of your wedding can get!

I like to take the bride off into another room to do her make-up. This gives her a break from the mayhem and lets her focus on the most important thing, herself!

It’s one of the things my brides always comment on, how relaxed they feel by the time their make-up is done. Between myself and the hairdresser, we get the bride ready first and then it’s time for the bridesmaids, mother-of- bride and everyone else! Then, when everyone is done, I return to the bride.

By this time, she’s hopefully had something to eat and drink. It’s time for a small sip of champagne and the last touch ups. I put her lips on last; check the bride has her touch up items in a little bag. I then have a look at her back, shoulders and arms for any blemishes that need camouflaging, get those covered and sealed and wait for the dress to be put on.

Finally, I take a picture on my digital camera to check there’s nothing reflecting badly with the flash. Then I show the bride so she can see how amazing she looks.

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