Friday, 27 August 2010

Second Place! - Top UK Wedding Tweeters

Since I started going on Twitter more and more, it has become some what that when Friday's come around, you need to be there, with bells on to see where abouts you have landed in Easy Wedding Search's Top 100 Wedding Tweeters.

It is a lot of us business-like people, all tweeting about business and the things that are happening on our day to day lives, and business lives, and helping each other out where needed, and generally growing contacts and networks which means that we can then build up good relationships with people, so that if our customers and clients need a particular thing for their Wedding, we can point them in the right direction.

My first Week on the Twitter List, I entered at No. 49.
The Week after I was in the 30's.
Week after I was in the 20's
Week after I was No 14.
Then No 7
Then No 4
And this Week, I am in the coveted No 2 spot that Alison from Plans and Presents Event Planning has held all along the time that I have been going up the list. It was a joke that I was after her spot...and now I have it.

Overwhelmed I have to say, but she has been quiet on the tweeting front this week - so no doubt she'll be back with avengance for it next week.

Visit here to see the top 100 - and why not join us on twitter and say hello :)

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  1. Congratulations honey bee, well deserved, but You better believe I am going to get back MY SPOT , lol !!!


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