Monday, 10 July 2017

Why should I book a Newborn Photo Shoot?

Newborn Baby Photography has grown in popularity over the years and a lot of people see these cute sleepy babies and it makes their ovaries go poof all over again. People think that babies just sleep all the time and that these photographs are easy to achieve. Let me tell you a secret - they’re really not.

Newborn babies are delicate. They have poor circulation and are unable to control their own body temperature. So booking a newborn photo shoot with a professional photographer is something that you should consider if you are wanting the type of images that they promote.

Like any trade, there are different prices and charges, different experiences and abilities, so choosing the right photographer for you is definitely beneficial. Not sure whether or not someone is working to a high standard? Check out members of BANPAS.

Booking a newborn photo shoot can be on the “to-do” list for a lot of people, however, not everyone thinks that they need to book in before delivering the baby.

Booking in before baby arrives means that you are guaranteed a slot with your photographer for when baby arrives. Here at Blue Lights Photography we only pre-book in a set amount of babies per month. This means that we have some wiggle room in our diary for early, or late arrivals. But not only that, it means that if parents do leave it until baby has arrived we might (not always) be able to fit baby in.

Babies grow really quickly. Before you know it they’re toddling around the house and we forget how tiny they once were, especially if we have nothing to look back on. 

A newborn photo shoot is not just for the baby. It is also to create photographs with older siblings, if this is not your first baby, and to create your first family photograph. I hear a lot of parents say “I Wish I had…” and yet many parents cannot get that back. Too many times are parents sleep deprived and worry that they’ve not lost their baby weight - let me tell you another secret - it won’t happen within the first two weeks, and your baby won’t care. Don’t miss out because of what you think right now - think of the future.

Capture the memories of when they’re little - because they’re only little once.

To book a newborn photoshoot either call 01226 872491 or email

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