Tuesday, 18 April 2017

[Cake Smash] What is a Cake Smash?

You hear about people talking about Cake Smashes but you sit there sometimes and think “what is a cake smash?”

Basically, a Cake Smash is a great way to celebrate your little one turning one. We put a baby and a cake together and photograph what happens!

A lot of parents want to mark their child’s first birthday by doing something as a keepsake rather than throw a party that they won’t remember.

At Blue Lights Photography we use our own Cake Maker so cakes are made to order with colours and themes to celebrate your little one's birthday. People tend to put these photographs for everyone to see, but Kitchen’s are popular for Cake Smash photographs as well as the child's bedroom too!

Because we use our own Cake Maker we can look at cake smash sessions for children with allergies too!

Not all children get fully into it and super messy it's very much exploring new textures and foods and is great fun for everyone!

But be warned, everyone will get covered in cake!

To find out more about our Cake Smashes head over to the website or alternatively drop me an email

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