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[Weddings] Why I love photographing Weddings at Waterton Park Hotel, Wakefield

Waterton Park Hotel, Wakefield, taken in October 2016

Being a Wedding Photographer I love shooting at different venues, but I do love photographing Weddings at Waterton Park Hotel!

Being one of the recommended photographers for Waterton Park Hotel almost half my Weddings are at this venue - and I love photographing every single one!

So why do I love photographing at Waterton Park Hotel so much? Well, there are different reasons!

The popular Archway, taken in April 2017

The Venue

The venue is such a beautiful setting for Weddings. Just a stone throw away from Wakefield itself, but it's not exactly on the main road so it's hidden and secluded and unless you are actually going to the venue you won't just stumble across it! With its Waterside setting, it's just simply stunning for Weddings all year round!
Photographs from the decked area at the back of Waterton Park Hotel
Photographs taken whilst the couple are stood in the popular Archway at Waterton Park Hotel

Not only has the outside got plenty of beautiful locations for group and couple photographs it also has places inside too should you get married on a rainy day.

I've regularly photographed Weddings all year round at Waterton Park and managed to get outdoor photographs at every Wedding at some point during the day! 

Beautiful Greenery around the Venue

Limited Weddings

Despite reading on other various posts online previously, Waterton Park only does 2 Weddings per day and this is one thing I love about it. Not only that, but they have thought about how it should work so that the brides don't cross paths!
Confetti photographs must be taken on the mainland as confetti can not be thrown on the island

The Weddings are at 12-Noon and 3 pm by the time Wedding 2 is happening and having photographs then the first Wedding is eating! Even as a photographer who grabs my lunch in Charlie's Bar it's very rare that I see the other bride! How the Weddings are planned out means that the brides don't cross paths! I love how it works as I've been to venues where I've had to hide the bride from other brides before - not cool!

The Waterton Suite set up for a Ceremony and Wedding Breakfast

The Rooms

There are two rooms available for ceremonies. The normal ceremony venue and date dependent the Waterton Suite.
You then have the County Suite or Waterton Suite available for the Wedding Breakfast and then the County Suite or Boat House for the evening reception.

Wedding Ceremony images taken in the popular Ceremony room

In general, if you have your Wedding Reception in the Waterton Suite your Evening Reception will take place in the Boathouse, both on the Island. If you have your Wedding Reception in the County Suite your Evening Reception will be in there too on the "mainland" in the hotel.

Wedding Ceremony images taken in the Waterton Suite

The Staff
Not just the Wedding Co-Ordinators but the Staff in general at Waterton Park are lovely. I've not come across a member of staff I've had an issue with or had attitude from. They really are just lovely. A lot of people may think that I say this purely because I am a recommended photographer there, but if I didn't get on with the staff and didn't think that they would look after you then I wouldn't want to be a recommended photographer there! 

How hotels treat photographers says a lot about how they treat everyone else.

If you are looking for a Wedding Venue then don't forget to have a look at Waterton Park Hotel! You will probably fall in love with it!

Snow Machine is available for Winter Weddings too!

I really do love being one of the recommended photographers for this venue! 

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