Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Wedding: What happens if it rains?

One of most people's big worries when they are getting married - what if it rains! The weather is one thing that no-one can control so sometimes its best to be prepared just in case. You have your beautiful venue and planning your gorgeous day - don't let the rain spoil it!
You cannot fight the rain so you might as well embrace it.

Get some beautiful umbrellas.

Buy umbrellas. Make them go with your colour scheme and use them to get a beautiful photo opportunity. Make sure you get something different and super special for you and your partner too.

Speak to your hairdresser

Have a specific style you want your hair then speak with your hairdresser to discuss in further detail about how your hair will hold up if it rains. They will be able to give you hints and tips to help fight the frizz or discuss an option to change that is a little more weather friendly.

Don't worry too much about your dress.

Your Wedding Dress can be one of the most expensive items of clothing that you have ever worn and you can be precious about not wanting to ruin it - of course, no-one wants to ruin their dress. However, think about your venue and your Wedding and what you want from your Wedding Photographs. If you are wearing a hoop or your dress bustles then doing this early on in the day will stop it dragging too much on the floor collecting water or dirt. Come the night time when you are dancing away - you won't care!

What about your footwear?

You've got your beautiful pair of bridal shoes with stiletto heels but they're not going to work on wet grass and will just sink. If it's raining on the day, or the day before, have a contingency plan of what footwear to wear. Whether it's a pair of wellies, wedges or flat shoes, you won't have to worry about ruining your pretty shoes.

What is your photographer's plan B

Have a chat with your photographer about the plan B if its a rainy day. Discuss what is expected of them, and what they expect of you. Does your venue have the space to do photographs inside? Can it accommodate big groups or just little smaller groups? Which shots are truly important?

Don't worry.

Whether you are faced with rain or not - don't panic. It is your special day and it will be just as special with or without the rain. Embrace it because you cannot control it. 

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