Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Behind The Scenes: I DO Magazine Exhibition Leeds

The first big Wedding Fayre that I attend was on Sunday at Centenary Pavilion, Leeds so I thought I’d show some behind the scenes shots of what exhibitors actually get up to.

Luckily this year we were able to set up the night before, its not always the case as a lot depends on whether or not Leeds United are playing at home. If they’re at home we have to set up on the morning of the show which makes it a super long day!

These shows are run by I Do Magazine, and are shell schemed meaning we don’t just have a table and a banner but a lot of work goes in to dressing these to make yourself stand out and show the best of YOU.

Each Shell starts out blank and its up to you to put your own stamp on it. We have our vinyl banner drops which were custom made to the shell scheme with us doing Leeds, Doncaster and Sheffield with I Do Magazine. Some people wallpaper the shell, like we used to, and other people dress it with material or photographs.

The back panels go up first and you can see how the shell scheme just starts to be transformed! 

And the final stand, when everything is in place. As you can see from the background there were a few suppliers who were setting up but a lot of people chose to set up the morning of the show! We turned up at 9am before the show opened at 10am, fresh as a daisy and ready to chat to everyone!

Here is a few other bits of the things that we also had on our stall. Thank you to everyone who came to see us it was great to speak to so many wonderful couples on their Wedding Planning Journey.

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