Saturday, 14 January 2017

Engagement: Planning on Popping the Question?

It doesn't really matter when you are planning to propose who you are planning to propose to. Some of this information you'll want to follow - and some you'll want to completely ignore and that's fine. 

Have you talked about it?
It might sound really funny - but before you think about proposing, have you actually talked about getting married or spending the rest of your lives together? It's not a definite must, but it's something that could plan how things are going to pan out!

If you've not recently talked about it then look at other things. How long have you been together? Are things good? Are you living together? But most importantly if you feel deep down she's going to say yes - then ask her!

What did Dad say?
Have you asked her Dad? I know it tends to be seen as a bit old-fashioned, but a lot of people still like to think it's not about permission its courtesy. Some women will love the fact that you went to her dad to ask.

Of course if sometimes Dad's aren't in the picture then look at asking mum instead. 

Tell the parents your intentions before buying a ring - just in case it goes drastically wrong!

The Ring
As a woman, we all like to be surprised, and by now you probably have an idea of what type of thing that she is into. There are so many things to think of when choosing a ring, it's not just a case of going in and going "oo this one will do". If need be, ask people who know her the best for feedback. Ask her mum, her best friend or her sister. And if need be, take them with you when buying.

Ready to go shopping?
Jewellers will baffle you with science, and mention the Four C's quite a lot: Colour, Carat, Clarity and Cut.
The Different Cuts of  Diamonds available

Cut is generally one of the most important parts of choosing the diamond - with colour being the next. A big diamond with a poor colour, will cost less than a smaller diamond with a very good grade of colour.

How much should it cost?
Really - it should cost what you can afford, or what you are willing to pay.  You might think that she might want some really big fancy flashy diamond. But she might not either, and she might not want you to get into lots of debts.

A lot of people say it should cost one month's salary, some say two, some even say three. But in general - it's what you can really afford. And if it's something that you are planning in advance you have time to save to get the best you can - without getting into debt. If you leave ring shopping to the last minute - you might have to take out finance or settle for something just because of what your bank balance says.

Where will you say "Will You"?
Are you planning on making a big fuss with the proposal? It doesn't have to be something completely out of the realms of reality. It could be your favourite restaurant - you don't need to book somewhere fancy. It could be where you first met. Or somewhere that has some significance to you both. Are you going to make it a super private affair, or have some friends waiting in the wings to celebrate with you? Just be yourself and don't over think it!

On one Knee?
If you are planning on proposing somewhere like a restaurant, then sometimes there would be a possibility that you may not think about going down on one knee. However, chances are most women have thought about being proposed to since being a child and how things are going to plan out and going down on one knee is one of those. However, bad joints? Bad back then I'm sure she'll forgive you after all you've probably just said lots of gushingly lovely things to her about how you want to spend the rest of your life together.

Good Luck!! 

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