Thursday, 19 January 2017

Advice: What to do with your Digital Files - Backup!

Whether you have taken lots of photographs of your little one on your phone, or purchased the digital files from your Professional Photographer the one thing you need to remember to do is back these files up. 

When I was at school we used to save everything onto floppy disc (careful! I'm only 32!) which obviously became obsolete with the introduction of CD's and USB's. But CD's can get scratched (and lost) and USB's can get hidden in a drawer never to be found again.

So, apart from printing your beautiful photographs you've purchased instead of them just sitting in a drawer on your USB, make sure your images are backed up elsewhere. You don't want to be moving house in 3 years time and accidentally throwing away your USB cos you forgot what is on it - or its lost in the house move. Because unless you printed them those images are now gone, and most photographers purge their systems after 12 months so you cannot rely on your photographer still having your images either.

So where can you back up:
You can save images to Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox and even Amazon Prime has online cloud storage.

You can save images to your computer or external hard-drive - but remember if either of these fail (as things can) then you've possibly lost the images too.
Cloud storage is probably one of the most popular methods of storage now - and whilst some things are free, and some things are paid for, never put all your images just in one place.

Same really goes for phone images. I see so many people devastated when their child has sent their phone swimming, or its had to be reset or its been lost or stolen and people only want their images of their kids back. Whilst uploading them to Facebook is one option, not everyone wants to keep all their photos on it.

So again you can use the above suggested items or even set up an email account, for example and email them once a week to that email address go in and read the emails check they've sent properly and then they'll always be an attachment on that email!

What ways do you back up your files? Do you have a system in place? Would love to hear your tips and tricks!

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