Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Gift Giving Cash Wedding Etiquette

Do you have a Wedding coming up soon and thinking of what gift you should give? Do you know that there is a gift giving wedding etiquette? Yes, there is such a thing. If you are contemplating on giving cash as a gift, read on first the gift giving cash wedding etiquette before you do such a move.

  1. If a guest who receives an invitation can't make it to the wedding, they are not obligated to send gifts and much more cash gifts. Wedding etiquette dictates, however, that those who are unable to attend should send a congratulatory card for the groom or for both couples or a simple best wishes note to the bride.
  2. Cash gifts or any gift items may be sent to the bride or groom's home before the wedding or to the couple's new home one year afterwards. Also, your cash gift will be a great help to couples within their first year of marriage who are still in the stage of raising their own savings. 
  3. Giving cash gifts are not a violation of wedding etiquette. Couples need cash as a start-up money for them or to put towards something they are saving for such as a family, honeymoon or a house deposit.
  4. So how much should you give if you decide to give the couple cash as a gift?
    It is a horrible idea that the amount or price of one’s wedding gift should equate to what the couples had spent on your dinner at the wedding reception. It is untrue. You can give as much as you want and as less as you want, if your budget is really tight. 
  5. Also, don't stop yourself from giving cash gifts if the couple has listed their preferred wedding gifts in registry. Buying gifts from the wedding registry list are optional; you can either give the couple the gift of their choice or don't.

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