Monday, 6 June 2016

[Wedding] Toni & Glyn - It's a love that lasts forever, The Spiced Pear

On Friday, I had the pleasure of photographing Toni & Glyn's Wedding at The Spiced Pear, Hepworth.

I met Toni with her mum and bridesmaids (and some partners and friends) who had staged a takeover at the Sunnybank B&B in Holmfirth - a beautiful b&b up some of the wonderful tiny little lanes that Holmfirth has to offer.

Hair and Makeup were already underway with the bridesmaids when I arrived with some fabulous pin curls and french pleats.

When I first met Toni to discuss her Wedding to Glyn it was originally planned to be an Alice in Wonderland theme Wedding - however, it ended up being a complete mix of their loves from Dr Who - The Beatles - Harry Potter and the rest!

The bridesmaids were wearing dresses which were made to order and were very similar to a Lindybop Dress that I wear to photograph Weddings - and very almost wore to this one! I could have totally been an honorary bridesmaid!

We headed over to The Spiced Pear for the ceremony which was held downstairs in the tearoom. The sign outside was handmade by Glyn! Which was absolutely amazing!

After the ceremony, Toni, Glyn and I headed in the car to Langsett for some photographs of them both together. Whilst there they took the time to read personalised vows to each other privately - well apart from me and the driver! There were laughs - and tears - and a mass of Beatles lyrics from Glyn - oh, and a Scroll! It was amazing to be apart of something so special and personal.

We headed back to The Spiced Pear for a few close group shots before Afternoon Tea was served (which was super Yummy!)

Afterwards, speeches, a few larger group shots happened and lots of mingling! It was such a lovely day. The evening consisted of dancing, a Naked Cake, a Donut Tower, a cake of Cheese and an evening BBQ - great for the food loving family and friends of Toni & Glyn!

Thank you for allowing me to share your special day!

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