Friday, 26 December 2014

[Sale] Shoes for Brides & Bridesmaids

Shopping for your Wedding doesn't need to be expensive, it can be done - especially at this time of the year. So if you want a beautiful (and normally expensive) pair of Bridal shoes, or the bridesmaids are arguing over what they want - then have a look through some of the shoes I have found in the sale! These ones have been chosen based on what type of "brands" people seem to be wearing and ranging from £10 to £59 - Shoes for EVER budget!
Left to Right: Beaulah 22, Kerry, Able 23

One of the places I had to look at first was the Kurt Geiger website. The amount of people who want, or wear KG shoes on the Wedding day is higher than most.

Beulah 22 is by Nine West in Nude and would make a great Bridal Shoe - and for only £19 an absolute Bargin!

Kerry is by Carvela Kurt Geiger, and is classed as Nude / Salmon - these shoes would be great for bride or bridesmaid. And could be worn again and for £29 you know you are getting a great shoe brand!

Able 23 is another shoe by Nine West and is White Satin which is a more typical bridal colour/shoe. Available for only £29 this is the perfect time to get shopping for your bridal shoes! 

Left: Shae by Miss KG
Right Top to Bottom: Lottie, Glory and Guest

The gold Shae shoe by Miss KG is definately a shoe that you could wear over and over again. Only £39 in the Kurt Geiger Sale! Bargin! And perfect for Bride, or Bridesmaids!

Lottie is a Nude Court Shoe by Carvela Kurt Geiger coming in at £39. With the detailed heel it adds a little bit of bling to your Wedding shoe choice.

Now, Glory by Carvela Kurt Geiger, is a little bit of something different - but would make a different bridal shoe. and is £59!

Everyone loves a little bit of Bling, and thats exactly what you get with Guest by Carvela Kurt Geiger. A Nude open toe with a jewelled heel which is great for bride or bridesmaids and they are currently £59!
Next Product Code: 670 868
If you are wanting something a little less pricey, then what about these Ivory Lace Peep Toes from Next. Coming in at only £16 in the sale! Bridal, or   Bridesmaid shoes - great for every budget!

Top to Bottom: Cream Bow Front, Gold Glitter Platform, Silver Glitter Ribbon Front, Stone Lace Platform.
I am finding more and more of the Bridal Party, are heading towards the High Street, and more importantly New Look for their shoes. So I've found some of the more "Wedding" Sale shoes!

Most shoes tend to be more round toe (which I personally prefer) but if you like your pointed toes then check out the Cream Bow Fronted ones that are available at New Look for only £10! 

Wanting some Sparkle?! Gold Glitter Platforms are only £13! They'd be great for Bridesmaids too!

I personally love the Glitter Ribbon Shoe! They are almost like a boot/shoe and would also look great with short dresses! and only £13. I love a bargin!

If you are wanting Lace, then check out the Stone Lace Platforms in New Look for only £16! 

Left: Top Amelia Lace Court, Bottom: Cecile Oval Trim Slingback
Right: Colette Vintage Bow Shoe.

And last but not least some beautiful shoes from Monsoon

The Amelia Lace Bridal Court Shoe's are perfect for anyone not wanting something fussy and are wanting a full shoe. £27.50 from the Monsoon Sale! 

Cecile, have some sparkle and are a Bridal Slingback with open toes. Great if you wish to shoe off a little bit of sparkle under your dress and only £34.50

The Collette Vintage Bow Shoe - are so cute and girly - perfect if you are having a vinage theme for your Wedding - or if you want something a little different. Only £44.50!

As you can see now is a great time to start getting together items for your Wedding! Shop the Sale - no one needs to know! 

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