Monday, 30 December 2013

[2013] Newborns - What a Year!

WOW! What a year for newborn babies it has been for me at Blue Lights Photography

and I just want to thank ALL the parents who have chosen me to photograph your precious bundles and give you lasting memories of when they were so-so-so tiny!

This year I have photographed
3 Sets of twins, one boy-girl, one boy-boy- and one girl-girl 
29 Newborn baby girls
30 Newborn Baby boys!

So a whopping 65 newborn babies I've held and had cuddles with!
And been wee'd and poo'd on by too!!

I photograph newborns on their own, with parents, and of course, with their siblings where requested!

I can not stress how much I love my job - seeing newborn babies - these precious little bundles.

I've photographed babies from 5 Days old, to 7 weeks old this year! The older they are, the harder they are to photograph - but it can be possible we all just have to have patience!

Lots and Lots of these mummies, daddies and even friends have booked in the little ones before their due date, to make sure they were guarenteed a session with me when baby arrived!

And this year I even managed to get outside, to try an OUTDOOR Newborn session!!

Look at all those beautiful little babies! And who says all babies look the same definately hasn't looked at this blog post.

And here I leave you with the last photographed baby of 2013 Baby Pearl with her big brother Tate! Pearl was being a little tinker today so we have rescheduled for next week but I couldnt resist sharing this photograph of them both!

I look forward to seeing some of these babies as they get bigger and bigger! x

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