Monday, 24 September 2012

...Changes... New Logo and Watermarks

Hello again, only me :)

So the plan of the blog is to make it a bit more friendly, rather than talking like I am speaking to the big wide world, I'm going to talk to you in the tone that you are my best friend, just without any rude words, because they are naughty.

With there being plans for a studio move in the beginning of 2013, and it coming up for Blue Lights Photography's 3rd Birthday, I decided a little re-brand was in order. The colours and the name are still the same, but just something a bit new :)

This means that when you see a photograph you like, especially on facebook, they will be watermarked with the type of design of the name of the shoot, Maternity, Newborn, Studio, Lifestyle or Weddings. This means if you see the photographs and love them and want to book, you know what to ask for! 

Feedback is ALWAYS welcome, so let me know what you think x

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