Sunday, 15 July 2012

Product: Cakey Baby Book

Whenever I have parents come into the studio, they never have an idea of what type of products they want. And regardless of having samples in the office, sometimes there is no real magic until you get your own in your hand - and then you can see and feel the quality....and the pictures too!

This is our Cakey Baby Book, which is available only as either our Cakey Baby Book, or Cakey Baby Deluxe package. This "about me" keepsake book is not available on any of our other shoots.

It has a gorgeous lay-flat design, and has questions and spaces for you to write. With beautifully smooth paper, this is a perfect keepsake.

The questions are to remember how "big" or indeed how little, your little one is for their first birthday, including favourite tv shows, movies, draw around their hands and remember the little details.

These books, hold up to 30 images from the Cakey Baby Photoshoot, and are great fun for me to design. Each one has its own unique design and pages, to give the sense of difference from child to child.

Nice thick sturdy pages too!

These two images show the Cakey Baby Canvas included as well as the book in the Deluxe package, and an example of the 3 images on a Canvas to give you something different to hang on your wall.

If you would like to enquire about our Cakey Baby photoshoots then please contact or via the website on

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