Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Start Up Business Workshops

One of the things I have been working on is to hold small Start Up Business Workshops, to help and inspire new business’ (or business’ who currently feel a bit lost).

The reason for doing so is because when I speak with people, photographers or other business’ I get the “but everyone is struggling, noone has the money, noone wants to spend/buy etc“.

I haven’t found this to be the case.

It could be the way I sell myself, it could be my pricing, or my open policy…it could be the work I produce, that I know my target market, or that I have a retail background. What I do know is, its a combination of them all.

So why the blog post today? Why the announcement of the guideline for the course?

The 21st June was 3years since I left my Full-Time Job, as a retail Assistant Manager, and set off into the World and Journey of Photography and Business. I worked as a Second Shooter from June 2008 to October 2009 when I set up on my own. In March 2010 I went full time Self Employed. In November 2010 we won Best Wedding Photographer for The Bridal Magazine (and are hoping to get shortlisted again!) In Jan 2011, we were shortlisted for the Wedding Idea’s Best Wedding Photographer, and were shortlisted to the Final 5. In March 2011 I opened the doors to my studio.
Its been a whirlwind 3-years. I didnt have someone with a big load of cash behind me telling me how I needed to do this that and the other, its been hard work, determination, long nights, sleepless nights and all in all great experiences. I’ve met some fantastic people – some great Bride & Grooms, and very happy customers. But sometimes its not all its cracked up to be. There are times that its a struggle, times that not everyone is happy, and how to deal with those too. For anyone in business who say’s they have stopped learning – I personally think they’re wrong.
What I plan to do on these workshops, is to look at me and how I run my business. We will go from looking at your target market, where you want to be. What type of pricing and structure would fall into your area, workflow, marketing materials and advertising – and more importantly, how to do it all on a budget!
The aim is to have a structure to cover a basis of things, but also to make it as interactive as possible. Everyone who books onto it will be able to look at giving 2 things that they would like covering – some will already be covered, others may not. It will give each the chance to talk about their business and be able to go back feeling a little more inspired.
Tuesday August 2nd
Thursday August 25th

Encore Ramada Barnsley
JCT 37 of M1

This will be a full day event, aiming for everyone to arrive for 9:30pm for a 10am start, and finish by 4:30pm approximately.

Prices are £25pp and include Tea, Coffee & Biscuits, and Sandwiches, Chips & Fruit.


•09:30 Tea/Coffee, meetup
•10:00 Start & Introductions
•10:30 My Story, how I set up, when I made the big steps and changes
•11:00 Questions
•11:15 Setting Up In business
•12:00 Lunch
•13:00 Finding Clients
•14:00 Social Media Marketing
•15:00 Marketing in General
•16:00 Question and Answer Session
•17:00 Close, ability to network in the Bar area etc.

Hotel also has rooms available for anyone wanting to travel to book a room you can do so here Advanced Purchase Bed & Breakfast from £41, Room only from £35.

If you are interested in booking on or have more questions then please email adele@bluelightsphotography.co.uk or leave a note with your email address and I shall contact you with more information.

Each date is limited to 10 people.

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