Monday, 6 June 2011

{Girl Behind The Lens} All About Me...

Gosh - what started as a seemingly really good idea, turned into something that now means I have to sit and write and tell people about me and what I do. And then as soon as that happens you think to yourself, what if people don’t like me, what if they think I’m a sham, what if they think that I’m not XYZ like people think I am. But then I breathe a little bit and I remember - I’m human. People buy people - a lot of my clients have become really good friends. I know about their pregnancies before most of their families and friends and they ask me questions about me and my boyfriend as they’re all friends on Facebook. But it all makes more sense and totally why I have an entire personal approach to the photography that I do - its what makes me able to tell the story a lot better.

So me…its hard to write about me, let me write about you…seriously!

I am currently 26-years old, female (obviously) and girlfriend to my wonderful boyfriend James. I still live at home with Mum and Dad, although as I write this James and I are looking at houses for him to purchase and me to move into.

I am full time self employed, a little bit crazy and I’m told that’s why most people love me.

I love to have a laugh, and have a bubbly personality, in general, and I am a self confessed flirt (once upon a time) and a definite people person. However, I can get grumpy and sad (I’ll explain more about this soon) and love a good cry as the next hormonal woman - however a lot of who I am is more about the life choices, decisions and what I have gone through to get to me.

Now everyone kept saying “I don’t want to pry - I just want to know more about you personally” so therefore, there should be no holds really barred.

Most people know I don’t take things lying down, unless I really have to. So it will be surprising for most people to know that I was bullied for about 13-years. This still makes me uncomfortable in certain circumstances and its another reason why I’m louder, and apparently funnier around certain people than I am in others. Not many people get to know the 100% bottom line that is the real me. One of my friends said I let everyone have about 95% and the other 5% is kept for me. Some people might know a different 95% than the next person but no-one fully knows me 100% - I’m not sure I agree with that.

I have Endometriosis. Now men all I have to say is….it only affects women (now they all run away screaming and covering their eyes) however it on the other hand means two things. I’m generally in pain, and on strong drugs (that’s one) and in the future I may or may not be able to have babies and may need IVF. However, it is also lovely to know that one of my Brides (Amy) has the same, very severe and has just given birth to gorgeous baby Alfie, after falling pregnant naturally. These are things to think about in years to come, and I will not be a pregnant photographer for a long while yet. As much as I have loved following Julia Boggio’s I carried a Watermelon Blog, I’m not in no rush to write my own yet.

I suffer from depression. Currently I am off medication and functioning fine, I get stressed relatively easy in the grand scheme of things, unless I am shooting a Wedding, then I’m generally chilled out. I however, have clinical depression and due to the endometriosis and long-term pain they all go hand in hand. I am lucky to know and understand when I need to be back on my medication, and have currently been 10 months medication free.

I am a good listener. And also people seem to trust me, with their deepest secrets. I could probably cause the start of World War Three with some of the things I know - but I am not one of these people who will use things against people. I’m not nasty and don’t see the point in being nasty to get revenge. But sometimes I can be a bitch. I’m human.

So now lets get onto the randomness:

I can roll my tongue.
I can touch my nose with my tongue.
I can speak random words in Maltese and Filipino
I sang at the Millennium Dome (now 02 Arena) when I was at school, as part of “Our Town Story”
Music wise, I was born in the wrong era, and should have been a 50’s/60’s child.
I can sing, when I try and need to - but can sing badly out of tune in the car but that’s allowed.
I have lots of allergies, including most antibiotics, and opiates (codeine, morphine based drugs)
I have never broken a bone in my body that I am aware of
I am my own biggest critique
I doubt myself
I get self conscious
I can be quite spiritual
I have my tarot cards read at least once every 6months
My eyes are blue, but they change colour because I'm weird like that.
I have a really wonky nose considering I've never broken it.

This has probably given people more food for thought or to ask questions etc, if you have a question you would like to ask - then please let a note with it in!

And be gentle, comments are welcome, this is my first Girl Behind The Lens post - more will be coming....until next week!

Adele x


  1. Loved this post, so honest and open!

  2. really good to put a face to a name and get the more personal touch to a service. love your work adele and once we come back from holiday we will be making some more wedding plans.

  3. Check you out! Love it!

    One thing to mention is that Adele has this weird part of her personality that after meeting her, in a very short while you feel like you've known Adele for years!

  4. Fantastic to say the least... we have known you for years and its was always great to spend time with you.. keep it up babe , you deserve all the best in life
    from your maltese friends martin , carmen and 4 monkeys x x x

  5. What excatly is endometriosis? Xx

  6. Adele, I love it, what a wonderful post, I love your attitude and honesty and your pictures made me laugh. If we are all honest we suffer a lot of what you have mentioned, doubting ourselves and feeling self concious is obviously top of the list, I often feel vulnerable and not worth enough a lot of the time and I need to feel loved. I can't deal with people not liking me (I was bullied too at school, just for being me) so I never really do feel good enough. It is ok for people to give me their opinion (especially about how they don't like my jewellery blah blah blah, coming from people who I think love me!)or you have put some weight on but before I was too thin blah blah blah and I NEVER and I MEAN NEVER insult anyone or say anything negative to them because I wouldn't treat people that way....anyway I love your post, work and you just the way you are!! thank you for being you. x

  7. I love this post. It's really great to get to know people for who they are as a person and not just the stream of social media! My eyes change colour too :o)

  8. Hello Adele
    Thanks for that post, really good to learn more about you and it's good that you have been totally open and frank about yourself.
    I want to know more about how you trained and got where you are with the business, it really interests me as I did a little bit of photography training at art college and would love to have another go at it. I really admire the business that you have built at such a young age too!

    Jayne x

  9. Fab post Adele and very brave. i have depression too, currently on Prozac but don't handle it as well as you as can never tell when I should be on medication until it's too late. That doesnt mean i'm permanently miserable-have just spent the last 5 mins whilst typing that trying to roll my tongue! (unsuccessfully....bah)

  10. Maria is so right - I already feel like I've known you for a lifetime and feel lucky to have you in my life. Definitely a people person - your honesty, warmth and love of other people shine brightly. I'm proud of you for writing this, Missy. Stay brave, stay lovely, stay you! x

  11. Do you see your bullies now?.........i bet they are sooooo jealous of the successful women you are now!! Bullies have issues with themselves and only bully other people to make themselves feel good.......i was bullied too so can totally relate to how you feel regarding the self doubt..............i still doubt myself to this day that i am no good and i am going to be a qualified mental health nurse in 15 weeks!!! yikes.........congratulations on being medication free for 10 months and keep up the good work!!!

  12. Fabulous post Adele you are so brave being open with everybody, wish I could put pen to paper but I always bottle it. Know how hard it is with depression as my little sister suffers really badly,and it is hard to help sometimes, but this is a very inspirational post.

    Well done

  13. This was a really great post, I love personal posts - I should really do one myself. Anyways you are so awesome for putting yourself out there and for loving who you are, embracing it and being proud of it. Not many people can do that - so live it up, girl!

  14. lovely post chick...honest.. open ....and a blog post in the truest sense of the word...just lovely

  15. Love this. Def meet up again soon hon xx


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