Friday, 25 June 2010

Welcome to Our Hoos!

hoos is an Anglo-Scandinavian company based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. They bring you the best quality and modern designs from Scandinavia.

hoos aim to supply designer pieces for all aspects of your life. These are brought to you by some of the best designers and design led businesses in Scandinavia.

You no longer have to search different shops to find what you want; it's all here under the hoos roof.

Gitte one half of hoos, explains why hoos was born.

'Living in Denmark you are spoilt with the availability, quality and diversity
that is on offer in regards to Danish designer home wares, and with hoos,
we can increase the selection of products and brands available to people in the UK”

hoos offers a quality service with a pleasant shopping experience and competitive prices. You won’t find on the high street what hoos has to offer.

And now hoos are also offering you the chance to make your own gift list for when you get married.

Having been trialled – hoos are aiming to launch their online gift list for July.

With their official launch planned for 26th September at the Craiglands Hotel Wedding Fayre. Why not check out their website and find out why you should decorate your home with their products.

So what makes the hoos Wedding Gift List different to most…

Well hoos are to make their gift list password protected; only you and your guests have access to your list. Some large companies don’t offer this but with hoos you can guarantee that the entire world isn’t going to know what you want.

It’s so simple. You just register for the gift list – and information pack is sent to you. Not one thing is hidden; it’s all about bringing a personal service to you and your Wedding List.

Have the designer products that you want, for prices that family and friends can afford – you won’t be disappointed.

Check out hoos today and find out why when you hear of Scandinavian products theirs is the only name you should remember.

hoos | Scandinavian Design For Life

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