Sunday, 22 March 2020

DIY Newborn Photographs durin COVID-19

So as we head into uncertain times with COVID-19 and many business, and small business closing their doors to people to help practice social distancing I know that there are a lot of parents who were excited for their newborn's first photographs – who will be unable to go out and get them.

Here is a small guide, to help you get some nice, basic ones at home.

My first tip is shoot as close to a window as possible – all these photographs have been taken on my phone and edited on it too – I couldn’t give you a guide whilst using photographs taken and edited from my camera & photoshop, it didn’t seem fair.

I have a beanbag (all beanbags will do), but you can use a cushion off the sofa, or the bed, if that’s, is easier - and something to cover it, whether its a blanket or something fluffy!

I also gathered together some hats, scarves, and headbands, you will probably have some of these things in your home already. Right now, it is about capturing SOME images rather than having nothing that you'd like. I know it won't be the same.

Start with the basics.

Baby laid on their back, even in a nappy is fine rather than fully naked. And then move around baby, and add head/headband too to mix and match some photographs. Baby is laid with the light at the side of them - so you gt some share on one side of their face.

Next up, before anything else - add in a toy. This can be something that was bought as a gift, something that belongs to you - or even something you bought when you had just found out you were pregnant. This allows you also to see how little your baby was - as the toy will NEVER change size, but your baby will continue to grow!

Next up - wrapping!
Some babies love being swaddled, and some HATE it.

So, when wrapping, just make sure that the baby is happy and safe, you may wish to skip this one altogether and that is fine.I just used a standard scarf to wrap this doll - the shorter edge was tucked in across the body, holding the arms in, and then the rest was tucked/wrapped around. The edge can be left out to be "wavy" or it can be tucked in to create a smooth outer. And then you can go ahead and add hats or headbands to mix it up.

Before we get rid of the wrap, use it to wrap around baby's foot - and then take a close up of all those beautiful tiny toes!

Next up: Side Laying

When you lay your baby on their side, make sure that their hands are comfortable at all time, sometimes they will automatically move them up to the side of their face. Please don't leave them on their side for too long and keep an eye on their hands/fingers "changing colour" as this can happen quite quickly with babies - it just means they are laid on them awkwardly.

Using a scarf to drape can mix these photographs up too. But remember that the baby is better to either looking to the window, (big picture) or their head is at the window (top picture) so the light from the window goes down the baby, rather than up from their toes.

Top Tip, don't shoot up your little ones nose, shoot "down" their nose instead. (side by side examples)

These following images are before and after images edited on my phone with an app called Pixlr which is a free app. You can adjust brightness, change to black and white, and crop images.  Here are a few just to give you an idea :)

I hope to see you all sometime soon at Blue Lights Photography.

If you have had to miss your Newborn Photographs due to COVID-19 the I would advise you looking for photographs around 14-16 weeks when your little one is smiling more and is happy to spend time on their tummy too.

Alternatively waiting until sitting unaided will give you another big important milestone to capture.

I hope to see you soon xXx

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