Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Wedding Deals at Claires Accessories with their BOGOF Deals!

Currently Claire's Accessories has a great Buy 1 Get 1 Free on almost all items across their website! Not only a fantastic offer if you are looking for stocking fillers for the kids, but did you think of looking on there for Wedding Items and Accessories? I bet you forgot that its something they offer!
I've had a look through and picked out some items that you could use in your Wedding. 

The cheapest of the "two" items becomes the free one. So treat yourself, or even your bridesmaids!

Clutch Bags

Wedding Days always means that people are wondering where they can put their items. Whether its money, bank cards, mobile phones or lipstick! Have a look at these fab offerings.

This Gold Clutch Bag is £14, with the great buying of the Buy One Get One Free, if purchasing as gifts for bridesmaids its only £7 each! 

If Navy is your theme for the Wedding then this Navy Satin Evening Clutch Bag is the right one to compliment your bridesmaid dresses at just £12.
Grab yourself a beautiful bag for all your own bits and pieces with the lovely White Satin Clutch - on sale at only £10 (Was £22) and on Buy 1 Get 1 Free too! 

Hair Accessories

When looking for matching hair accessories for your bridesmaids, or even for yourself. Then this means it can get a little costly, but it doesn't have to be.

This Pearl and Crystal hair comb was origionally £12 but now only £5. If you have 4 Bridesmaids then that is £10 for all 4! Perfect! 

Fancy something a little bit different. This Black Crystal Headband would be perfect for an up-do with a the hair styled backwards over the silver of the band. Great if black is your theme. And only £3 each!

Want something different for your Bridal Hair then this statement piece of hair jewellery could be right up your street. At only £10!

If you fancy an up do or a side bun for your bridesmaids but still want a few extra little bits of bling then look at purchasing hair pins. Several are available at Claires, but I love these pearl ones. And on buy one get one free for a pack its the perfect time to get them!


Earring choices can be quite personal, it depends on what you like, and what your hairstyles will be like too. So I've just picked some idea's of what other people have had similar to.

Tear Drop Crystal Stud Drop Earrings £6
I've actually had a bride wear these and they looked beautiful!

Sterling Silver Vintage Style Circle Studs £9
This means you could get two pair or Silver Studs for the same price as one! £4.50 each! Wow!

They even have a Bridesmaid Earring and Necklace set for £16 and also available on BOGOF!


A lot of people try and keep necklaces if worn as an understated piece, depending on the dresses of both the bride and bridesmaids. Whilst there are some killer statement pieces on the website - these chosen ones are my favourite understated pieces.

Left to Right


Want a little bit to show off on the day, but no necklace or earrings needed then why not throw on a beautiful bracelet instead? Not going to wear it again - no problems with these prices!

And last but not least this Pearl and Rhinestone beaded bracelet is only £5.50

I hope you've managed to find some inspriation and don't lose a few hours looking online. Bear in mind when buying that it takes off the cheapest items so shop smart. If you have 2 Items at £14 and 2 at £6, you'll save £12 instead of £20. Click and collect is £1.99 under £9.99 or free after! Deliver is £2.99 or free over £25.


Taking the above into consideration lets look at if you were buying for yourself plus 4 Bridesmaids.

4 x gold clutch at £14
4 x pendants at £8
4 x crystal combs at £5
4 x earrings at £5.50
1 x Bridal clutch at £10
1 x Earrings at £6

18 Items Total Should be £146.00

Put all items in one basket... You'll pay £98 plus free delivery saving you £48

Click and Collect via 3 Orders and you'll pay £76.00 saving you £70!
Well worth splitting down! I looked at doing it between 5 orders but you only save an extra £1 so may not be worth doing for some people!

For Example

Order 1
4 x Gold Clutch £14
£28 Total
Free Click and Collect 

Order 2
1 x Bridal Clutch £10
4 x Pendants £8
1 x Earrings at £6
£26.00 Total
Free Click and Collect

Order 3
4 x Earrings £5.50
4 x Hair Combs £5.00
£22.00 Total
Free Click and Collect

Happy Shopping!

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