Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Grey Bridesmaid Dresses under £100

Grey is such a popular colour in the Wedding industry at the minute, as well as a popular colour in life for a lot of people. it’s a highly requested colour for newborn sessions as lots of people have varying shades of grey adorning their homes.

I’m seeing a lot of grey at Weddings, started off with suits, and now making their way to bridesmaid dresses. I think because its such a versatile colour it works wonders.

So I’ve had a look around and found some “off the peg” bridesmaid dresses for under £100 so you can stay on trend, and on budget!

The absolute bargain of Bridesmaid Dresses was this one from Lindy Bop. The  gorgeous Gracie May Dove Grey Dress is currently available in sizes 6-14 and is only £13 a dress! Amazing!

This first dress up is from Quiz and is classed as a Grey Sequin Crochet Bow Chiffon Maxi Dress at £39.99 available in sizes 10-18 adding a touch of style to your Wedding without breaking the bank! And our other choice is this Grey Embellished Mesh Maxi Dress from Little Mistress at £39.99 available in sizes 6-14.

Can you stretch your budget a little more then the rest of these dresses are still under £75!

This Grey and Silver Embroided maxi dress from Quiz at £74.99, it currently is only in stock online in a size 8 but would be worth checking stores and asking when stock will be re-delivered. Its at full price and not discounted so I would expect more stock.

This one-shoulder number from Little Mistress is £68 and available in sizes 12-14 currently.

And if your budget can stretch a little further this beautiful chiffon beaded dress would look lovely for a winter Wedding at £90 each available from Little Mistress in sizes 6-18

Hope you have fun shopping and remember that sometimes bridesmaid dresses can be bought from high-street shops - just think outside the box! :)

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