Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Rose Gold Nursery Accents

Rose Gold is one of those colours that is making a comeback. I am seeing it more and more about places and I have to admit I do really like it! I'm seeing it in Weddings, as well as in other day to day places so here we have a look at how you can use Rose Gold as an accent in your little ones Nursery.

This Rose Gold Foil Print from Coulson Macleod on Etsy is only £10 (unframed) and how cute is this Rose Gold & Blush felt Ball Garland from Sheep Farm Felt also on Etsy starting from £18.32 depending on the lengths required. Different colours also available.

Thse beautiful Rose Gold String LED Lights are a bargin at £3.49 from The Range. Or what about these fab arrow drawer handles! You can find them over on Etsy!

This Pink Metallic Cushion is £8 from ASDA, with a smaller one also on offer for £5. And don't forget to dot some of your favourite images about in these lovely £3 photo frames, also from Asda!


Sometimes Rose Gold and Copper can be found together and under the same heading, meaning the same colour - but sometimes so different. This beautiful wallpaper is £15 from Argos, and this lampshade just £10 from Wilkinsons!

These beautiful Mason Jars are available from Etsy, but if you fancy getting your craft on then you could DIY them yourself.


Add a bit of fun into the nursery with this Balloon Dog Ornament from Etsy or this Geometric Wall Clock for an eye catching design.

What other colour accessories would you like to see?

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