Wednesday, 9 March 2016

[Wedding Wednesday] Wedding Planning Tips

All the couples want a dreamy wedding, so they are planning a wedding for months if not years. There are many things to take care of, here are some wedding planning tips to help you. 

Start planning long before the wedding

The first important thing is your budget. Hire things that you can only have one of, such as Photographers, Car Hire where necessary a caterer if your venue doesn't have it covered. Your budget will also help complete a guest list. If you cannot afford too many people - it will lower your guest list. 

In addition, the bride's wedding dress and the groom`s suit are the most important clothes from a wedding. So make sure you buy or hire the one you love.

Notice everything in detail

To make a general idea on what should you do, is to visit some wedding shows. This way you can plan your wedding as you should. There are so many things that are important, so remember to take some notes from those wedding shows.

Also, some couples tend to choose a theme for their wedding. Some choose to give a traditional look on their wedding; others prefer a vintage style, and so on. You can do about everything you want, as it is your wedding, a one-in–a lifetime moment.

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