Wednesday, 6 January 2016

[2015] A Beautiful Year of Weddings

So here is the 2015 Roundup of all the beautiful Weddings I got to photograph in 2015. From a beautiful Valentines Wedding to a Wedding two days after a car accident, another year and another Birthday Wedding with my season finishing in September.

2015 was a strange year for me for Weddings. Photographing only a dozen, it was one of my quietest years since starting out in the business - the studio kept me busy enough! But they were blooming beautiful so there is definitely no complaints from me!

With almost half of the Weddings I photographed being at Waterton Park Hotel being one of their recommended photographers is lovely for me. I know the venue, the staff and I love photographing Weddings at such a beautiful Venue. My last Wedding of 2014, my first Wedding of 2015, and my last wedding of 2015 were all there.

2015 also saw me back to venues I've photographed in the past such as Cubley Hall, 315 at Lepton, Kings Croft and Aston Hall.

The one Wedding I photographed the furthest away was on my Birthday in September in Linton, North Yorkshire - a couple I actually met at a Waterton Park Wedding Fayre too!

With 2/3's of the couples opting for a Civil Ceremony instead of a Church Wedding I love seeing how each and every single Wedding is different to the next.

2015 also saw me nominated for Best Photographer for The Wedding Industry Awards. And coming within the Top 20 in the UK for the Wedding Industry Expert Awards.

I want to thank each and every couple that I had the pleasure of photographing this year. For allowing me to share your special day. Your intimate moments - and the best day of your lives! 

2016 Brings more Weddings, more awesome couples, babies for some of my 2015 couples too! Every year I always say I love my job but I truly do. If I ever stopped loving my job and it became a chore I would hang up my camera.

But whilst I continue to get lovely couples, and great venues - its effortless! 

So I really do want to say thank you for all the support that I’ve had in 2015, from my beautiful wonderful couples, the venues I’ve photographed at, family and friends.  It's been a funny old year, but it’s been a good one.

From couples who get me to stand in a lake for their photographs (totally worth it), to the ones who don’t go into a panic when you tell them about the car accident (painkillers for the win). 

2015 also saw me do my first “first look” which made the day flow lovely - and my first argument with a stand-in vicar who said no photographs in church (even though the other one did). Its not something I make a habit of, but I am fiercely protective of my clients. Once you become a Blue Lights Bride I want to protect you for life and make sure your Wedding Day is as perfect as can be.

Thank you for making 2015 a great year.
From the bottom of my heart.

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  1. Lovely round up of your year some fabulous photos x


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