Friday, 13 November 2015

[Newborn] Baby Skin

Newborn Skin before and after editing

Newborn skin goes through phases some babies can have perfect peachy silky soft skin - and other babies can have patchy, dry skin - and you never know which you are going to get.

As a rule of thumb, overdue babies tend to have dry skin everywhere, mainly hands and feet but can be across the chest and arms, face - in fact - almost everywhere. 

Other babies are blotchy, which could be due to hormones, or a small bruise from delivery. Some children have marks if it's an assisted delivery - but no matter what - babies are babies and they are super beautiful.

As a rule of thumb - if something isn't permanent it can be removed. Such as dry skin or a bruise. If it's a birth mark by rule of thumb I won't edit it out.

I show parents an edited skin shot - and work on items which are ordered, rather than editing them all.

Have a look at these two gorgeous guys before and after I edited them.

Just remember, don't miss out on the newborn stage for a reason such as this - newborn photographers are as used to this as we are being wee'd and pooped on!

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