Tuesday, 8 September 2015

[Wedding] A Campervan, Tweed and some 1940's Glam, Pip & Bren get married in North Yorkshire

I have been looking forward to this Wedding, if any Wedding was very "me" then I think this was definitely one of the Weddings for it. Not only were the details very "me" but the couple were getting married on my birthday, and having a first look - I could have wee'd a little bit with excitement.

Irregular Choice shoes with additional vintage buttons, a button bouquet lovingly handmade by the bride, with almost every button telling their own unique story, including the buttons from her dad's service jacket too - amazing.

The hairpieces both Pip and her bridesmaid Sue wore were made by Pip too - Vintage and some DIY thrown in - what more could you wish for.

I started with Brendan at Fountaine Inn in Linton where I had stayed the previous night, where he and his best man Dave were having their wet shaves done before heading over to the house where Pip was getting ready, a fabulous house that she had found on air BnB which was run by a lovely couple who opened their home to her, Bren and of course, her bridesmaid Sue.

Right in the middle of Linton Village, is this beautiful stone bridge. The plan that Pip and Bren had all along was to meet on the bridge for their couple photographs before heading for some additional ones before Bren drove the Campervan with the best man and bridesmaid to the ceremony venue. A wedding that definitely breaks traditions.

Both Pip's Dress and Bren's suit were made to order, and ordered exactly how they wanted. And the buttonholes were lovingly made by the couple too - I love how much detail that went into the Wedding and how everything was just perfect.

The weather was just beautiful for us, it wasn't too warm, but it wasn't too cold, and of course, it wasn't raining which is the best thing ever! It meant that everything was as planned, the images on the bridge - and being able to spend time in the places that they love to be.

One of the images Pip had expressed that she wanted was images on the stepping stones in the river. Now some people may think she was crazy, brave or just awesome - as she donned her wellies and went on them in the river - in her wedding dress BEFORE the ceremony!

Luckily, I knew they had wanted to do this, so I too donned my wellies - even if I did later discover that one of them had sprung a leak! Oooops! 

You really can tell how much these two love each other, it radiates off them and it is so lovely to see.

The ceremony was held in the wine cave at The Angel Inn Hetton, it isn't the biggest venue in the world, but it was lovely and intimate for this couple - exactly what they needed. They then had some friends who weren't at the Wedding Ceremony join them for their afternoon celebrations.

We did a few group shots at The Angel Inn with parents and family, with additional ones done at the Village Hall Cracoe when we arrived.

The Wedding Room looked beautiful, decorated with bunting and lights, pink lemonade and afternoon tea catered by the WI. 12 different cakes for people to taste, flowers on the table and a band. 

Pip and Bren's Wedding was everything that they wanted it to be - I have to say it was definitely a Wedding that I personally felt totally fitted "me" and I could have happily stayed there all night. 

Thank you for choosing me to be your Photographer!
And thank you for my Birthday Cake and Song!

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