Wednesday, 4 February 2015

[Tips] Buying an Engagement Ring

February - the month of LOVE and of course Valentine's day is around the corner too.

So I thought that I would look around at what Engagement Rings are available for all budgets under £1000.

Women if you are looking at hinting, then send your other half this blog.
Men if you are thinking of buying - then take note!

Diamonds work in Carats, the bigger the Carat generally the more expensive the ring - a 0.25ct Single Stone will also be more expensive than a 0.25ct Cluster Ring.

Budget Under £300
Not everyone has a big budget to buy an engagement ring, whatever the reason.
Gone are the days where it is a couple of weeks (and months) pay packet. 

Top Left: Ernest Jones - Silver & Rose Gold Diamond Set Ring £150
Bottom Left: Ernest Jones - Silver & Diamond 0.12pt Ring £199
Top Right: Ernest Jones - Silver Love's Embrace 0.10pt Ring £250
Bottom Right: Ernest Jones - Silver 0.20pt Diamond Framed Square Ring £299

Having worked in Jewellery many moons ago, my decision for these rings were based on a couple of different things. I was surprised, when looking, that there was less yellow gold than there used to be - but it is just a sign of the times.

Classic Solitaire rings seem to be moving a little bit further away and replaced more with the cluster style and vintage inspired rings.

Budget Under £500
A little bit more of a healthier budget, depending on what you or your other half likes. You will more than likely find that Silver, is now replaced with White Gold (not in all instances) and normally a higher diamond carat weight.
Left: Ernest Jones Silver Multi Stone 0.20pt Ring £350
Middle Top: Ernest Jones 9ct White Gold Illusion Set Diamond Ring £399
Middle: Bottom: Ernest Jones White Gold 0.15pt Flower Solitaire Ring £399
Right: H Samuel White Gold 0.17pt Illusion Set Solitaire Ring £399

A couple of the rings mention "Illusion Set" these diamonds are set within a ring of diamond cut white-gold. This helps bounce the light around from the stone - and makes the diamond appear bigger than it actually is.

Budget Under £1000
A budget between £500-£1000 is a popular budget for engagement rings, unless you can afford to stretch even further. Here is some of the different styles out there.

Top Left: Ernest Jones 0.17pt Illusion Solitaire Twist £599
Bottom Left: Ernest Jones 9ct Yellow Gold 0.19pt Illusion Set Trilogy Ring £650
Right: Ernest Jones 9ct White Gold Solitaire Cushion Halo Ring 0.50pt £999
Left: H Samuel 9ct White Gold 0.25pt Princess Cut £599
Middle: H Samuel 9ct Rose Gold 0.25pt Solitaire Twist £650
Right: H Samuel 18ct White Gold 0.25pt Classic Solitaire £899

And there we have a collection of different rings no matter what the budget. I have used Ernest Jones, and H Samuel for the ring choices as I know their stock as I used to work in their stocks. However, you are not limited to these Jewellers, and this is not a sponsored post and is only my views.

So...if I was to receive one - which is my favourite? These are my picks for each budget.

Under £300 - Ernest Jones Diamond Framed Square Ring £299
Under £500 - H Samuel Illusion Set Solitaire £399
Under £1000 - Ernest Jones Cushion Halo Ring £999

And if you are a man reading this and have absolutely no idea about the different shape of diamonds, here is a little bit for you for the more popular cuts you will see in the high street shops.

Brilliant Cut - Round Diamond normally found in a solitaire.
Princess Cut - Square Diamond
Emerald Cut - Rectangular Diamond
Oval Cut - Oval shaped Diamond

I hope you find this helpful! Happy Ring Shopping! 

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