Thursday, 13 June 2013

[Wedding Day Disaster] What if my dress gets dirty? [Series 3/10]

One of the many things that I find bride's worry about, one of the major ones must be that the dress will get dirty.

With wine, food, mud, rain, grass, and anything else you can think of, getting your Wedding Dress dirty is something that many people do worry about.

I have been at a couple of Weddings where there has been red wine spilt on the Wedding dress, but a tip to know is that white wine gets red wine out!

I personally dab the dress with a cloth soaked in white wine, let it dry and go back, and do it again, and again until the stain is gone. Generally takes about 10-20 minutes in total but can do it in between photographs depending where the spill is, or in between mingling with the guests.

Also, why not keep a little sewing kit in a "bridal survival bag" incase, there are any little rips of netting, or a dress needs taking in slightly on the day.

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