Thursday, 30 May 2013

[Wedding Day Disaster] We've forgot the rings!! [Series 2/10]

These rings are a symbol of the 
unbroken circle of love. 
Love freely given has no beginning 
and no end, 
no giver and no receiver 
for each is the giver and each is the receiver. 
May these rings always remind you 
of the vows you have taken.

One of the most complete nightmares is forgetting the Wedding Rings. I know most Best Men joke that they have forgotten them. But sometimes it does happen. I always make sure I photograph the rings, its a good way to make sure that they are actually there before the ceremony. I remember photographing them once, as the Bride had them so she wouldn't forget them - but she didn't have the groom's she had left it at home - but luckily he'd not left the house yet so everything went ok!

But if it does happen, and the rings have been forgotten, then why not ask around. Ask people who are important, your parents or grandparents - even just to borrow their rings for your service. The rings are a symbol, its how much you love each other that really matters.

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