Wednesday, 9 January 2013

[Tutorial] Making a PDF in photoshop

Now, I work a lot of the time in Photoshop CS5 and Adobe Bridge. I do not like Lightroom but its just personal preference. This is how I make my PDF's. 

Now for those of  you who don't use Photoshop Bridge, it is similar to lightroom apparently, however its also not like it at all. This is where you can do your PDFs, and comes with Photoshop, and you don't have to pay extra for it! You can find your folder that your images are in, whether desktop, external drive, or any other drive - just by finding them like you would in "my computer"

In the folder I have the origoinal template, and then my template PSD files also. I do not save as JPEG at this point, as I will keep going back and making certain tweaks before I make my PDF.

Then I run a batch action in photoshop to flatten the files, and create JPEGs of all my templates into a seperate folder....

And here is where the PDF creation begins...

I've currently been working in the Essentials workspace, but now I'm going to change over to the Output...this is how to make the PDF. 

I select my files, I click Output, and it comes up with this screen. Perfect.
On the Right hand side of the screen, it has all the details which are relevent to making a PDF. Paper size, etc. (This is also good for making contact sheets too!)

This is the default in my Photoshop, so we are down as A4 paper size, at 300ppi, 2*2 cells, as this isnt actually what we want we can change it. We can change from A4 to A5 or A6 to make it smaller, and even change the ppi from 300 down to 72, however I find that 150 is generally a good size to use.

So this is the changes that I made, That I made the differences to the size of it, the ppi etc. And I also made sure that it was 1 per page. In this i made it 96ppi, but would have been better quality at 150ppi.

Save it how you want to, and where you want to save it....and voila. Your PDF brochure is complete.

Hope you found it helpful - comments are welcome!

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