Saturday, 28 April 2012

Wedding Gift Ideas....

As your Wedding Date approaches (or has already been) gifts seem to be the one place where a lot of people get stuck. What do I get the best man, the bridesmaids, parents, my chief bridesmaid/maid of honour. You may decide that the only gifts you are doing at all are flowers for mums, or using the money elsewhere in the Wedding and just a sentimentally written Thank You card.

Lets have a look at some of the suggested ideas that you could use throughout your Wedding Day.

Dig out some old photographs of you and your Mum when you were a little girl, and buy a double frame. Use one side as a picture of you and your mum and then a note in the space of a picture of you and your mum together on your Wedding Day, and have it engraved with "I'll always be your little girl..." cue tears and something for your Mum to always treasure!
Engraved Double Photo Frame - Click Image to Close
 For instance something like this from for £17.95 

Unless there is something 100% you know he wants, secretly do a boudoir session in your bridal lingerie and then have a frame or book made for him with your favourite images. Hide it for him with a little note and let it be a fantastic surprise for him on his Wedding morning! Here at Blue Lights Photography we have just launched our new range of Boudoir Photo shoots, so email to get one booked in for you!

Maid of Honour / Chief Bridesmaid.
A necklace or a gift card to a spa is the perfect thank you to your maid of honour! A lovely little keepsake or a relaxing day away after she's helped you plan your Wedding.

Have each bride’s maid sign the sole of your shoe before the ceremony for good luck. Whoever’s name is darkest by the end of the day will be married next.

Best Man
An engraved flask, a box of cigars or a nice set of cuff links are all thoughtful gestures to give to the best man in your wedding.

Flower Girl
An engraved locket is a wonderful gift for your flower girl. Alternately, a music box would also be cherished for years to come. Take a picture with your flower girl, and wait until her wedding day to give it to her, along with a heartfelt message about how proud you are to see her grow into a beautiful woman.

Save the top tier of your wedding cake and freeze it until your one year anniversary. This makes for a wonderfully romantic memento from your wedding day (speak with your cake maker about freezing and defrosting cake!)

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